AllDebrid is a website allowing you to get unrestricted download speed on host's file without any premium subscriptions to those hosts.
You only have to copy your links on the form, and our service will generate for you a link which will use the full capacity of your internet connection. No more speed limitation, enjoy your downloads at full speed as it should be.
AllDebrid also offers Firefox and Chrome extensions to generate links in 1-click, and also an jDowloader plugin to integrate our service to the famous download manager : you'll only have to add your links in Jdownloader as usual, and the plugin will generate unrestricted links on-the-fly.
For MegaVideo unrestrincting, our Firefox plugin allows you to watch your movies without any manipulation : it catches on the fly the player, and let you choose if you want to go through our servers. When you'll watch a MegaVideo video, it will already be unrestricted through our services.
One last advantage of using AllDebrid is that it will act like a proxy : it's our services which will download the files on the hosters, not you : your IP and privacy is protected.

Price list:

30 days 4.20 €
90 days 9.10 €
180 days 16.10 €

After completing the payment you will receive email with your voucher code. Payment is made through secure payment gateways - Payza, Paysera or OKPay websites - according on your selection. More info about payment types you can get here - click.

Choose payments method:


Orders herein are processed manually. Delivery time can be from few minutes to few hours (our time zone is UTC/GMT +2 hours).


sepa For customers in the EU, there is the option to pay via SEPA transfer. When paying via SEPA transfer fees are as follows: 30 days voucher code - 3.99 €, 90 days voucher code - 8.99 €, 180 days voucher code - 15.99 €. If you are interested for more info and payment instructions, please contact me.



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Comment by ryan |

Still waiting for voucher, almost 24 hours now. Message said transaction successful, wait for conf #, do not refresh. After almost an hour returned me to without verification code. Transaction Time 2016-08-24 00:09:36
Sum of outgoing txs 0.03265956 BTC

Reply by Rasto

      Hi, the voucher code was sent to your "" email. I am sorry for the delay.



Comment by ryan |

Paid for 180 days on Okpay, waited for screen to refresh with conf #, but when I came back it was on "" page. Paid with bitcoin around 12am pacific time. Waiting for code, thanks!

Comment by Povilas |

Paid for 3 months via Paysera, payment id 108698858
Don't know if the payment got through, posting here to notify.

Your system always gives an error with Paysera, something about openssl.

Comment by Dan Carey |

@Rasto, THANK YOU :)

Reply by Rasto

      Are you welcome :-)


Comment by DanC |

Reference Number: 9FB6A-50BF1-7CE57 Alldebrid voucher 30 days via Payza but no VOUCHER CODE SENT, please resend via email Thanks!

Reply by Rasto

             Hi, the voucher code was sent to your email.


Comment by VG |

Paid for 180 day voucher - please send. Transaction ID

Reply by Rasto

               Hi, the voucher code was sent. Please check your email.


Comment by Irvin |

Still no voucher code. When will I get it? :(

Reply by Rasto

     Hi, the voucher code was sent.


Comment by Jose Criss |

Got it thanks!

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